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#700: Edge of Tomorrow

According to my brother, who has seen almost every movie in existence, this movie is not like Source Code. But I think it is. Never mind that based on the previews, I’d always thought Emily Blunt was a robot in this movie.  That’s not important.

What’s important is that Edge of Tomorrow is in fact a mix of Source Code and Groundhog Day.   Read the rest of this entry »

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#583: Tandem

You know how often I go to Bushwick.  And yet, when I was there for LoftOpera this weekend, the person I went with happened to know the guy we happened to sit next to.  We were all introduced, I left early to go home and eat 10 peeps in one sitting (before you ask, yes, it was as awesome as it sounds), and that was that.

The next day, I returned to Bushwick and went to Tandem.  As I looked around for the group I was meeting, a guy waved at me.  It was the same guy from the night before.

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#283: Believe in fate

I don’t believe in fate.  Well, to be more accurate, I think fate is not responsible for anything people attribute to it.  Fate is lazy, and fate isn’t around enough to do any of the things it supposedly does.

But yesterday, for a minute, I believed in it.

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#102: Find the perfect trench

People always say you’ll find what you’re looking for (normally they’re talking about love) when you least expect it.  They say it because they’re encouraging someone who’s obsessed with finding something (normally a boyfriend) to cool it, and they think if the person stops making it her mission to find it, then it will automatically show up because life is just that contrary and God is just that much of a trickster.

I hate when people say that. Read the rest of this entry »


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