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#950: Be called an artist

True, it was at the start of a rejection email for a piece I submitted to an exhibit.

Also true: I only submitted something because I’d been to the gallery before and seen plenty of pieces I could have created, so I thought the bar was pretty low.

Also true: It probably was very low.

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Posted by on May 3, 2017 in Art


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#232: Reverse Open Lab

According to the website for the Reverse workspace/art gallery, it places “an emphasis on new and experimental forms of expression.”  I am all for new and experimental things.

Do you want to know what I am not for?  I am not for “art” that masquerades as something too creative/high level/involved for the general public to understand but is really something that my nephew could make.  Actually, I take that back–my nephew would never spend his time painting a skull black and placing it on the floor; he has more important things to do. Read the rest of this entry »

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