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#700: Edge of Tomorrow

According to my brother, who has seen almost every movie in existence, this movie is not like Source Code. But I think it is. Never mind that based on the previews, I’d always thought Emily Blunt was a robot in this movie.  That’s not important.

What’s important is that Edge of Tomorrow is in fact a mix of Source Code and Groundhog Day.   Read the rest of this entry »

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#685: Watch Reality Bites

I know, I know, I know.  How could I possibly have gotten so far in life without having seen this movie?  It’s shocking; it’s scary; it’s just not right.

You know why it’s especially inappropriate though?  Because watching it at age 30, I get the feeling I’m not exactly the intended sympathetic audience for a girl who gets fired from her first job after college because she’s frustrated she isn’t the head of the company after 2 months.

And I probably wasn’t supposed to be rooting for the mature business guy in a suit over the tortured dreamer as this girl’s love interest.

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#624: Read The Leftovers

If suddenly certain people, including ones you loved, just disappeared from the earth–gone without a trace or explanation–and you were left to continue on, what would you do?  Would you spend the rest of your days searching for answers, trying to assign meaning to something that may not have any because it would help you cope to be able to say there was a purpose to the sudden loss?  Would you become obsessed with the space that used to be occupied by these people?  Would you be jealous of those who were gone, since they–ostensibly–didn’t have to attempt to make sense of the situation?

That’s the issue the characters in The Leftovers have to deal with, and those are the questions they’re forced to answer.

If I were the type to interpret novels into explanations involving symbolism and bigger picture questions, I’d say the book deals with a pretty simple metaphor for life in general.

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#532: Run around Central Park

I’ve run in Central Park before, but I’d never run around the whole thing before.  It was hard.  The hills, the distance, and the rocky terrain combined to challenge me in a way I hadn’t yet been asked to conquer.

But I did.

Because running, unlike many other things in life, is something that is simple to do if you approach it methodically. Read the rest of this entry »

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#492: Watch The Fountain

There’s a fountain, they say
Hidden away
That gives, people think
An eternal drink

What is this?  Oh, this is part of a poem I wrote while in high school.  It’s cheesy and deals rather shallowly with a topic that could be quite compelling.

What’s that?  Oh, the movie called The Fountain does the same thing?  Yep. Read the rest of this entry »

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#456: Hear a chorus at Carnegie Hall

There are certain moments that, while they’re taking place, you can predict one day you’ll look back and cherish.  Usually, I imagine, they’re big milestones, like your wedding, or a graduation, or an exotic trip.  For the high school students in the chorus I heard last night, performing at Carnegie Hall was definitely one of these moments.  You just knew, without knowing anything else about these teenagers standing before you, that this night was special for them.  You could tell, without understanding anything else about their lives, that last night would live on in their memories as a gigantic accomplishment.

Which made me wonder: have I ever had any moments like that? Read the rest of this entry »

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#443: Read The Fault in Our Stars

Sometimes I sleep naked.  Sometimes it’s because it’s hot.  Sometimes it’s because I’m exercising one of the many excellent rights one has as a person living alone.  Sometimes, it just feels like too much of an effort to put on any type of clothing after peeling off the ones I’ve been wearing throughout the day’s trials.

Whenever I consider going to bed without clothes on, I briefly think about what would happen if there were a fire or some other kind of accident in the middle of the night and I had to quickly leave my apartment. Occasionally, this flicker of foresight will cause me to rethink the nakedness and tug on at least a T-shirt.  Other times, I say screw it (usually not out loud) and slip into bed with nothing between my skin and the sheets.

I’m telling you this because I feel like it represents the conflict we all go through every day, which is the same one that’s at the heart of this book I just read. Read the rest of this entry »

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