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#909: Classical Theatre of Harlem

I know what it says about this city, the country, and our world that the production of Macbeth presented on an outdoor stage during a steamy summer was not crowded until–well, ever. I arrived an hour before the show and there were 4 other people there. The audience didn’t start to filter in steadily until a half hour before the play started, and even at curtain time, there were still seats available.

I know what it means that this fantastic night of theater is relatively unknown in the city, despite being an innovative adaptation filled with talented actors.

I know it’s important to recognize and discuss why this free event was the first time I’ve been to a free event here that didn’t require a fight or at the very least strong patience to attend. Read the rest of this entry »

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#605: Sleep No More

This is not a review for Sleep No More–if you want spoilers, just visit Yelp.

This is more an alert that if you suffer from Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), this is not the show for you.  Or it is–if you want to attempt to overcome this affliction.

As you probably know, at Sleep No More, the actors are all in separate places simultaneously enacting different scenes.  So even if you wanted to, you’d never see everything.  Even if you go at the earliest time and stay for the full 3 hours (I did, and I recommend this fully).

At first, when I found myself wandering around empty rooms, I felt the panic of FOMO seeping into my brain.  I knew there were great scenes going on all around me, but I didn’t know when or where exactly.  Plus, everything was dark, and I’m bad with directions.  But after I chased the first guy to run past me and ended up in a room by myself with him but then was bored because nothing was really happening, I started to get over it. I wandered in a creepy forest for a while.  I pulled back curtains into rooms I would never approach in real life.  I took candy from a candy jar.

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