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#837: Don’t run a marathon

It wasn’t the first time I didn’t run a marathon.  But it was the first time I planned to run a marathon, registered to run a marathon, started training to run a marathon, but then did not run a marathon.

To put it simply, for those who have not been following the harrowing yet mundane saga, I started running about 2 years ago, spent all of last year completing races to qualify for the NYC marathon, and then after a sickness this winter, was suddenly unable to run anymore.  Doctors’ visits, medications, breaks from running did nothing to help, and this summer I eventually admitted I had to stop preparing for my goal.

I still remember the day I finally had to tell myself I couldn’t do it. Read the rest of this entry »

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#792: Have an allergy test

“This will be uncomfortable,” the nurse said as she picked up the first of the 8 allergy testers and brought it toward my arm.

“Wait–is it going to hurt?  Because every time someone says something is uncomfortable, it hurts.”

The nurse paused.  “Well, it doesn’t hurt me.  How sensitive are you?”

Ha!  “Very.”

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#785: Brain Insight Lecture

It was part of a Columbia program, and the speaker was the marshmallow test guy.

He has a name, of course–it’s Dr. Walter Mischel–but I knew him as the marshmallow test guy.

Which I thought was a common thing, but apparently it’s not, since my friend who studied psychology hadn’t even heard of the test. (Isn’t it strange the things we assume are universal?)  But maybe you’ve heard of him: he did the studies where they offered small children a marshmallow that they could eat now, or they could choose to wait and would be promised 2 marshmallows later.

The test, and the lecture last night, was surrounding willpower and self-control. Read the rest of this entry »

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#783: Use an inhaler

It turns out maybe doctors do know what they’re doing sometimes.

Maybe, possibly, it would have been a good idea to take the prescribed medication a month ago instead of having to go to the doctor again because I’m unable to run more than 10 minutes without coughing things up.

Maybe, possibly, I wouldn’t now have to use an inhaler for at least a week while I hope it gets me to the point where I can breathe again.

Maybe, possibly, I let my worries about the terrible side effects of steroids get in the way of sound medical treatment that would have allowed me to not freak out about the possibility that my marathon goal may be dashed before I can even start training for it.

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#762: Register for a marathon

You’d think after more than a year of planning for this moment, hitting the register button would prompt at least some sort of thrill.  Just a little one; nothing major.  At least some small signal to indicate that every cell in my body fully understood what a monumental moment this was.

I filled in my name, my projected time (4:59:59, because, while it will probably take me more than 5 hours, setting a possibly unattainable goal is just one of the things that keeps me feeling young), and method of payment.  I winced at the fee of $227, which is more than $8 per mile and a ridiculous amount no sane person would agree to pay in exchange for the torture of pushing their one and only body through such a feat.

Then I sat there, expecting to feel triumphant.  Instead–nothing. Read the rest of this entry »

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#742: It’s Not You

The art of the breakup text.  Has anyone mastered it?  Based on this exhibit that pairs paintings and prints with text messages the artist, Allison Wade, has either received or sent during real breakups, I’m going to guess the answer is no.

The exhibit is hilarious but also stirs up a feeling of comfort, like arriving at our childhood home, or settling down on the couch to slurp some soup, because who hasn’t been there?  Who hasn’t either sent or received a ridiculous message that could only look more ridiculous when slapped against a painted background or set into a wooden frame?

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#730: Admit to being a runner

It’s like writing–the only qualification to call yourself a writer is that you write.  The only requirement to be a runner is that you run.

Still, I’ve had trouble telling myself (and others) that I’m a runner.

Why?  Is it because I don’t actually enjoy running?  Or because if I call myself a runner then I think I’ll be held up to higher standards?

Yes.  Both. Read the rest of this entry »

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