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#807: The Typewriter Project

I strongly contend–and always have–that I will never “just know” when I meet a person whose soul connects with mine.  It’s not that easy for me, and honestly I don’t want it to be.  I don’t think it should be something you can instantly notice.  I think it will reveal itself with time and with effort and with many small moments that add up to equal more than math can explain.

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#744: Attend a poetry slam

Things you should not do at a poetry slam: Read the rest of this entry »

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#743: Kiss Punch Poem

I’m not sure whether the name of this comedy show/poetry slam was inspired by the game, Fuck, Marry Kill, but that’s what the name brought to mind for me.  Sometimes it’s difficult to choose between kissing a person, punching him, or reading him a poem.  Or alternatively, being kissed, being punched, or hearing a poem.

Regardless of where the name came from, this comedy show/poetry slam was pretty good. Read the rest of this entry »

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#600: Read at a reading

It was the launch party for a new literary magazine (I think) called DenimSkin.  A friend had found out about it from a flyer in her apartment building in Harlem.  It was late into the night.  The open bar was closed.  People were drunk.  People were stoned.  The line for the one-person bathroom was long.

The room was emptying out, the snacks were gone, and the host whose back pocket held the slip of paper on which I’d written my name at the beginning of the night to sign up had left the building a half hour before.

But this was about to be my 600th new thing, and it had to be good.  Yes, for you, my readers, but also for me, a girl from Ohio who declared at age 2, as recorded in her baby book at her mother’s house in the suburbs, “I feel shy.”

I stepped up to the mike and started reading something I’d printed out at work earlier that day, written a couple of years ago.  It was something they didn’t expect, after a night of poetry, serious literary readings, and music: an essay called My Bladder and Me. Read the rest of this entry »

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#117: Poem in pocket

Yesterday was Poem In Your Pocket Day.  I don’t know exactly what that is, but the basic idea is you carry around a poem in your pocket, ostensibly to share with others throughout the day.

The first step of participating is to wear pants with pockets.  So for me, the first step was to put on actual pants. Read the rest of this entry »

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#61: Write an impromptu poem

From the time the Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans included my poem about my pet fish entitled “Our Many Fish” (I know, the creativity is shocking), to the multiple times I’ve included cheesy poems in homemade greetings cards, to the time I actually applied to be a greeting card writer at American Greetings (I know, the fact that I didn’t get hired is shocking), I’ve always jumped at the chance to write poems.

They’re not good poems.  But they’re poems all the same, and I planned to write them and thought about them in advance. Read the rest of this entry »


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