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#949: Use VLOOKUP

Some facts about my dark spreadsheet past:

  1. I had learned to use VLOOKUP before.
  2. I had vowed to use VLOOKUP before.
  3. Whenever I had an opportunity to use VLOOKUP, I forgot how and didn’t want to spend the time or energy re-learning, so I just used a different formula or function.

But yesterday, I had an Excel task I couldn’t see an alternative solution for that wouldn’t require an hour of extra work, so I took the 5 minutes to re-learn how to use VLOOKUP yet again, and then I actually used it.

And it worked.

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#356: Turn down $300

$300 is a not insignificant amount of money to me, and I believe that will always be true.  Even if I become a millionaire after selling the rights to my travel nightmare stories (to be turned into a Lifetime Original Movie in which the heroine meets her husband only as a result of her flight being canceled–it will be called Love in Transit), I have to assume I won’t forget my money-lacking roots.

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#168: Learn the word “plenipotentiary”

I was watching The West Wing (even though I said I wasn’t going to keep watching it) and the president included “plenipotentiary” in his speech when he accepted new foreign ambassadors.  Not only did I not know what the word meant, but I had also never heard it before.

To me, it sounds like it should mean “exhibiting great potential.”  You are plenipotentiary if you show an abundance of promise. Read the rest of this entry »

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