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#781: Get closure

Anyone familiar with my post-breakup texts or emails will know the impetus behind them is ostensibly to get closure.

Anyone familiar with my post-breakup texts or emails will know I never get closure from them.

The thing my brain neglects to explain to my heart is that you don’t get closure by making a fool of yourself.  You don’t get closure by understanding the reason for a break-up, or making it clear to the other person that you understand the reason.  You don’t get closure by pretending you’re fine; you don’t get it by admitting you’re not.

The way you get closure–and I can hardly believe it’s taken me this long to figure out when I’m sure there are countless self-help books that say a similar thing, and I’m fairly certain I’ve read countless articles pronouncing the same, and I’ve possibly even told myself this before–is simply to not question the situation.

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#759: Watch The Newsroom

Say what you will about Sorkin, but he knows how to manipulate people’s feelings.  Wait, that’s probably one of the things you’ll say about him, isn’t it?

No matter.  Despite a slow start and cop-out ending, The Newsroom did exactly what a Sorkin show always does to me: makes my heart long for the type of relationships his characters have.  You know, the unconditional love (even after years, even after doing horrible things to each other, even after not being compatible in any way, really, except for that it’s written into the script that you’re supposed to be together) type.

But as I was contemplating these relationships after watching the last episode yesterday, I realized I already do have that type of relationship.

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#746: Text a wrong number

Whenever something goes awry with texting men–like, say…pulling an example out of the blue here…a guy I’ve known for 6 months suddenly just stops responding–I always think like a girl overanalyzing things (in other words: a girl).

Maybe he lost his phone!  Maybe he accidentally threw his phone off a balcony!  Maybe his friend stole his phone and refused to give it back! Maybe he dropped his phone while rescuing a little old woman about to be hit by a car crossing the street at the exact same time a cute puppy was about to be hit by the same car and he became a hero but in all the excitement while the woman gave him a billion dollars as a thank you and the puppy’s owner gave him the puppy as a reward, he forgot to retrieve it!

Maybe he’s dead!

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#708: Watch Beginners

The critic consensus on Rotten Tomatoes says, “Wearing its twee heart on its sleeve, Beginners explores the depths of modern, multi-generational romance with wit and depth.”  Netflix said it guessed I would give it 4 and a quarter stars.

I say this was the most boring movie I’ve ever actually made it all the way through.

The first time I tried watching it I started falling asleep.  When I picked it back up again in the middle, I kept asking myself why.

It was not only “twee,” it was infuriating.

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#704: Run 500 miles

…not all at once.  That would be crazy.  (Of course there are some–including a-year-ago-me–who would say running even 5 miles sounds crazy.)

I’m mostly just posting about this milestone because ever since I reached 400 miles on my Nike app, I’ve been waiting for 500 so I could sing to myself, “And I would run 500 miles, and I would run 500 more.”  But The Proclaimers aside, it’s also pretty cool to think that in a year I’ve gone from thinking 5 miles was insane to insanely preparing for half marathons.

I’m proud of myself.  And if I were to have posted on Facebook about this accomplishment yesterday, I’m sure the post would have gotten at least 5 likes.  But the post from my friend (and, coincidentally, race buddy) proclaiming he was now in a relationship got over 100.  Also, tons of comments expressing congratulations.

Which made me think about what’s really important in life.

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#624: Read The Leftovers

If suddenly certain people, including ones you loved, just disappeared from the earth–gone without a trace or explanation–and you were left to continue on, what would you do?  Would you spend the rest of your days searching for answers, trying to assign meaning to something that may not have any because it would help you cope to be able to say there was a purpose to the sudden loss?  Would you become obsessed with the space that used to be occupied by these people?  Would you be jealous of those who were gone, since they–ostensibly–didn’t have to attempt to make sense of the situation?

That’s the issue the characters in The Leftovers have to deal with, and those are the questions they’re forced to answer.

If I were the type to interpret novels into explanations involving symbolism and bigger picture questions, I’d say the book deals with a pretty simple metaphor for life in general.

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#480: Don’t welcome being hit on

I complain all the time–I mean only when it’s completely appropriate based on the current conversation, of course–about how strangers never hit on me.  They never come up to me in bars and offer to buy me a drink. They don’t approach me on the street and ask me to grab a drink with them.  They fail to spot me on the subway and check whether I have time for a drink.  All my life, this has been the story: people I don’t know do not desire to consume liquids with me.

So you’d think when someone standing near me on the subway platform last night suddenly asked, “What’s that pattern on your pants?  Pinstripe?” I would be swooning.

When I answered, “Yeah, I guess,” and he responded with, “Good choice,” you might imagine I asked him to marry me.

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