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#596: Join Tinder

I always thought I was a bad feminist.

I love wearing thong underwear.  I don’t mind shaving my armpits.  I admit to throwing like a girl.  I don’t get all that angry about the injustices done to women on a daily basis–mainly because I don’t think about them.

I was aware that the whole concept of Tinder–that men would judge me and within 2 seconds, or sometimes even 1, decide whether they want to get to know me based solely on my looks–wasn’t doing feminism any favors.  Still, I wasn’t offended by it.  After all, it worked both ways, right?  I also “got” to judge men based only on their appearance (and in many cases, without even knowing their height or smoker status–the latter of which can be an absolute deal-breaker for me).

But then yesterday, as I was leaving the weight room I have to pass through to get upstairs to the pathetic little track at the rec center that I’ve been relegated to thanks to the never-ending winter, I heard a man say, “Ma’am.” Read the rest of this entry »

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#549: Attend a brunch club

Brunch club is nothing like the Breakfast Club.  It is sort of like a movie though in that the woman hosting it knew tons of people from different parts of her life, and everyone came together with homemade food, and it was cozy and delicious.  And a dog leaped over me on the couch to reach her owner.

I don’t know what movie that resembles; I just know that I don’t even know as many people in my entire life as the number that attended the brunch club.

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#404: Smile randomly

I’m one of those people strangers always feel compelled to shout, “Smile!” at.  I’m the person others think is mad when it’s just my normal expression.  I don’t smile for no reason, and I was completely fine with that.  But now that I’ve done it, I kind of want to tell everyone to do it.  So, here are 17 easy steps to smiling randomly. You’re welcome in advance.

1.  Get dumped–but not technically dumped because this would require some form of communication between the two parties.  Just get someone you dated for a bit to suddenly stop responding to texts so that if you were slightly more naive you might worry he had been in a serious accident or was possibly dead, though you’d have no way to ever find out for sure.

2.  Be understandably annoyed for a few days.

3.  Go for a run. Read the rest of this entry »

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#377: Love people

Once, on a first date, I was telling a story that made me seem pitiful (because that’s smart first date conversation), and the guy looked at me with a sweet yet pitying look and said, “I love people.”  At the same time that I was embarrassed for provoking such a response, I was also jealous because I never feel that sentiment.  In fact, I often proclaim to hate people.  It’s not true–not deep down–but I think I’m pretty convincing.

But yesterday, for some reason that can best be described as no reason at all, while at work, someone did something that would normally slightly annoy me and instead of being annoyed, I smiled and thought, “I love people.”  As soon as I thought it, I questioned it.

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