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#940: Use a sun lamp

If you asked me to name one person who might benefit from light therapy to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder, I would tell you to look no further than in front of you.

I’m not saying I technically have SAD. I probably don’t, if it’s in fact an actual type of depression. I am gloomy a whole lot, and negative even more often than that, but I don’t think I’ve ever experienced the total and utter long-term despair that seems to attack a person’s mind suffering from actual depression.

But I do feel terrible when the weather’s bad. Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by on March 22, 2017 in Health


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#566: Go commando in winter

Due to poor planning on my part (a run at an indoor track, with no extra pair of underwear for the ride home), I ended up wearing my work pants and nothing else under them.

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Posted by on January 16, 2014 in Clothing


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#419: Comic Strip Live

What can I say about Comic Strip Live?  I could tell you about how, though I love laughing and think I do it fairly easily, it’s not that easy for comedians to make me laugh out loud.  I could say how I’m harsh in judging them, too.  I could mention that I don’t normally find female comedians as funny as male comedians.  I could talk about how my expectations were low when the waitress yelled at me to move my chair and then accidentally gave my drink to someone else.

But that would be a misleading setup when all I need to say is: I enjoyed the show at Comic Strip Live.   Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by on March 19, 2013 in NYC


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